Designer Jeans Review: Fidelity Denim

by Jaime on July 27, 2010

I had the absolute luxury of wearing my first pair of Fidelity denim this past two weeks. I was sent a pair of Belladonna Bootcut in Viper Rinse, and I just can’t find enough great things to say about this pair of denim! Fidelity’s denim has one of the best combinations of fit and fabric that I have come across.

First of all let’s start with the wash: the Viper Rinse is a dark wash with a pearlescent sheen that was hard to capture on camera. The sheen and depth of color reminds me of a mother of pearl seashell, perfectly smooth and lacquered.

The way the fabric catches the light is truly swoonworthy. It looks incredibly flattering and does a great job of highlighting your curves. I love that no matter where your curves are, this pair of jeans will show them off – no worrying about whether the knee break in the wash is going to hit at the right spot if you aren’t quite tall enough!

The back pockets are well placed with a simple design. I don’t care for overly embellished pockets, but these have just enough detail to maintain interest without being overly styled.

The fit is fabulous. I’m a bit curvier than most but I was able to wear these jeans and feel confident in them even with large hips and round thighs – and that’s something a lot of brands who aren’t specifically made for a larger figure can accomplish. The integrity of the cut and fit of these jeans is just great, and I can confidently recommend this brand to women of all figures and sizes! The price point seems to range in the mid $100′s, which is more than reasonable for a garment of this quality.

Aaaand…one last photo of me being ecstatic in my Fidelity’s! Check out their website for details on where to get a pair for yourself.

Fidelity is a luxury denim brand for the contemporary modern woman.
With a focus on luxury + quality, founder, designer, and president of the brand, Jason Trotzuk always follows what he calls their 3F Principle: fabric, fit and finish. Refusing to eschew luxury in the current economy, Fidelity uses the best fabrics, cuts those most impeccable fits and spares no expense to use the highest quality finishes. In fact, Fidelity is moving in the opposite direction of its counterparts in the industry, by developing better quality products to enhance the experience of wearing their jeans.

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