Happy 1000th Post!

by Jaime on June 13, 2010

I told you all that June was a big month here at Denim Debutante, and I wasn’t kidding!

We’ll return to your regularly scheduled denim programming shortly, but I wanted to leave a quick message because this post – yes, this measly little post – is our 1,000th on the site.

Obviously, I really like writing about denim (and I’ve been lucky enough to find others who love it as well) so we’ve crossed a slightly important threshold.

Just WAIT till we hit 2,000. I feel like we should start a betting pool to see when it happens.

What else has gone on so far in June?

- Our new sites have been announced (or, some of them have!) – DenimWiki.com and Celeb Style.

- The $100 Giveaways are in full swing! Make sure you’re in the running… enter now!

- We officially made the switch over to WordPress (thanks to help from Kristy and Kirsten, and the amazing Thesis theme)

and much more!

It’s been a crazy year, and an amazing 1,000 posts. You guys are the best!


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