Denim Debutante Updates for June 12, 2010

by Jaime on June 12, 2010

Hello, my fantastically clad denim fashionistas!  I apologize for the lack of posts today (I spent my entire morning at a not so very fun gynecological appointment. But hey, I’m not pregnant - not that I thought I was – so yay!), but wanted to make it up to you with a couple of fun little updates.

Japanese Edwin Jeans and Hello Kitty

So, denim Hello Kitty is unrelated. But don't you want one now?!?

- The vlog for DL1961 jeans was a fairly decent hit. If you missed it, be sure to check it out by clicking here. You can laugh at my awkwardness… I give you the okay. Also, let me know if you like the vlogging. If it’s a waste of time, I’ll quit making you watch silly videos of me.

- The Denim Wiki is growing! Thanks to help from some amazing readers, we’ve added more pages, more details… just more of everything! If you haven’t added anything to the wiki, get over there now and start working! And for brands and PR agencies, if you’re interested in being the Featured Brand for a week, prices are super low with high visibility. Email me for details and rates.

- Kirsten has been kicking ass and taking names over on the Celeb Style blog. We’ve only had two entries into the $100 giveaway, so if you catch a Celebrity Denim sighting online (or in person… which would be super cool!), shoot her an email!

- We have another big announcement coming on Tuesday. Twitter followers may have picked up on it already, but for the rest of you… stay tuned!


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renae June 12, 2010 at 10:47 pm

Sooo speaking of updates lol… Are the Layne Cargos from Paige on sale yet? It’s payday time and I need to snag a pair of them haha. I need an update on them!

By the way, I laughed at your preg. remarks. It’d be a medical miracle if I had one again, let me tell ya…


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