Affordable Skinny Cargo Pants from Level 99

by Jaime on June 17, 2010

Love the look of the J Brand Houlihan or Paige Layne Cargo, but can’t stomach the price? I’ve been there (oh wait, I’m there like every day).

Well, luckily for you, Level 99 has created two more affordable versions of the style that aren’t only cute… they’re cost-effective!

First is the World Over Cargo – my preferred style. The slightly trimmer sizing makes for a great slim look without the bulk of some cargos, but the $99 price tag keeps one thing bulky – your wallet!

The World Over does sort of remind me of the Paige Premium Denim Layne Cargo with its styling (those these have a zipper hem), but I can’t be sure unless I get them on and see them in person. I wonder if there’s an Anthropologie near me.

The second pair – while a better price than the World Over – just doesn’t seem to get me all that interested.

These cargos, at $88, are certainly a great price, and they’re a better option for those who don’t really like the skinny cargo style (as they’re a looser fit than the World Over). But I’m just not sure about the cinched bottom.

What do you think about these styles? More details for the hems are below. Would you select these over J Brand, Rich & Skinny or Paige Premium Denim‘s styles?


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April C June 17, 2010 at 1:49 pm

That’s a tough call… the J Brand, Rich & Skinny, and Paige are so CELEBRITY that it’s hard to say I like the Level 99 better than the others. It’s great to have a more affordable option though!! They look pretty similar to the Rich and Skinny cool cargo crop!


April C June 17, 2010 at 1:51 pm

OH yea, hafta agree, I like the first pair better than the second! I don’t like the cinched bottom either.


StrawberryGirl June 17, 2010 at 9:35 pm

I bought the World Over Level 99 pants a couple of weeks ago at Anthropologie. Seriously, I was prepared to splurge on the J Brand Houlihans, which Anthro just happened to have in my size.

I have a big round butt and full thighs. The Houlihans fit BUT the lighter wash emphasized my rear in an unflattering way. The flap pockets looked like eyelashes on a big smiley face. I tried on the Level 99 and the darker wash made all of the difference. I saved myself $130 in the bargain.


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