Top Five Denim Jackets to Try

by Jaime on May 9, 2010

I’ve received many emails from readers about how they can find a great denim jacket for their look and lifestyle. So, I took the time to find the top five styles available for 2010, and brought them all here to you!

1. Fitted Jacket: There’s a reason I chose this style as the first option, and it’s because every single woman needs a perfectly fitted denim jacket. The perfect jacket is different for every body shape, but I recommend trying out MyShape’s options. They have a great selection of denim jackets, and tailor the looks to your specific shape, making it even easier to find your perfect jacket! Plus, offers free 2-Way Shipping if you’re unsure about your buys.

2. Basic Blue Jean: You can find this style anywhere at virtually any price point, but I’m a big fan of the tried-and-true Levi’s Denim Jackets. The Trucker Jacket has made it through years (generations, even!) and there’s a reason: this cut is a MUST-HAVE for those of you who haven’t tried the denim jacket look. If you don’t already have it, you need to get your hands on one. Now.

Current/Elliott Long Sleeve Denim Biker Jacket

Current/Elliott Long Sleeve Denim Biker Jacket

3. Moto Jacket: This is a look that can easily be pulled off for everyone from fashionistas to girls next door. The trick? Basics. This style can be paired up with a dressy look (maybe something like my Mint dress?) or worn with leggings and a tunic. The cropped design of this jacket does wonders for hourglass figures, as it cinches at the waist.

Bryce Jacket, available at

4. Cropped Jacket: Just like the shortened style of the Moto Jacket, a great denim jacket style to try (or mimic) is the cropped jacket. A couple of characteristics to look for in this style? Bigger accessories will give an exaggerated look to the shrunken style – which is a good thing – but look for a jacket with waist-enhancing wash designs, like the Bryce Jacket to your left.

5. Denim Blazer: The dressier, classy big sister to the basic blue jacket, the Denim Blazer is a style that everyone is trying out this season. Easy to wear and perfect for work (which is know is a big issue for many of you who read DD!), this is a style that I’d definitely recommend trying. You can go one of two ways with the look: a fitted blazer like this great Gap Shrunken Denim Blazer, or the boyfriend style that’s become so popular (I recommend trying out the Babakul Women’s ‘Sophie’ Denim Blazer at

Hope this helps! Need any additional tips above and beyond this? You know how to contact me.


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