Must-Have Denim Shorts for Summer 2010: 7 For All Mankind Josefina Short

by Jaime on May 16, 2010

When I first received these shorts from 7FAM, I wasn’t 100% sure about them. After all, they’re a bit louder than my usual denim fare. But, the more I wore them, the more I adored them.

Sure, they’re trendy (and they’re definitely not for everyone), but I am swooning over the fun colored stitching, the soft denim and the flattering look.

Before we go into the close-up detail shots (all of which you can click on to see in even more detail), let me leave a quick disclaimer… I swear, C. does not beat me, despite the all-over bruising. I fell about five times on Friday (and then wore my Jessica Bennett heels ALL day, which was a bad idea), and my knees, shins, feet and arms are covered in burns, marks, cuts and bruises. This all happened, by the way, while I was sober.

I think I cropped most of the injuries out, but if not… you’ve been warned. So, now that you know that, check the photos out!

These shorts fit true to size (when you check out the larger shots, you may think they’re a little large… I got a 26, and this is, honestly, how I prefer my shorts to fit. I hate anything that’s too clingy on my thighs), and are probably for the under-3o set more than anyone. The rise is about 9″, with a 3″ inseam… so they’re definitely short.

(Sorry for the totally visible tattoo… those are usually hidden better!)

You can find the 7 For All Mankind Josefina Cutoff Denim Shorts from 7 For All Mankind in Myrella at for $169.oo.

What do you think about these shorts? Do you love them, or would you change them up a bit? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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