Kristy’s Paige Premium Denim Review: I love you, Paige Adams-Geller!

by Jaime on May 29, 2010

Wearing the Paige Blue Heights Skinny in Goth Wash

How do I love thee, Paige Adams-Geller?
Let me count the ways…
I love thee to the strength, softness and fit
of my Paige Premium Blue Heights Goth Wash jeans!
For they are black, but not TOO black!
A gentle fade decorates the thigh.
distressed, but not overly so!
The fit, it flatters my ample curves -
yet, my legs do not drown in fabric!
I hath washed them, over and over
and still, good as new!

Seriously though. Nothing ever fits my waist. Or if it does, it doesn’t fit anywhere else. It’s enormous in the legs, and the upper pubic area.

Because the fashion industry hates women, it has given us all body shapes based on fruit. Yeah. That makes me an APPLE. How appealing. Actually I think I’m technically a Peapple. My bust is not as big as my hips, but my waist is wide. Whatever. It means I will never be able to spend less than $100 for a pair of pants and expect a reasonable fit.

However, if you find yourself identifying with my plight, I have life changing news for you: fit model Paige Adams -Geller made some pants. They fit me. Like, actually fit AND THEN LOOKED GOOD. None of this elastic waist band crap.

Now, go forth and experience denim like you never have before.

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