Guest Blog: Best Eco-Friendly Denim

by Jaime on May 18, 2010

Laura has been kind enough to write up a great post all about brands with the best eco-friendly options! Enjoy the guest post, and be sure to check out her site!

Since Levi Strauss first capitalized on the wearability and functionality of jeans by selling them to miners during the California Gold Rush (circa 1853), denim trousers have found a place in society which crosses all boundaries: they can be dressed up or down; cost hardly anything at all or retail for hundreds of dollars.

In the continuing evolution of denim, some manufacturers are acknowledging the impact of commercial cotton production on the environment. (Cotton fields demand a great deal of water and insecticides, and workers are often treated abhorrently.) Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and many brands are offering these eco-friendly choices to their customers. Here is a sampling:

Levi’s Capital E line is made from 100% organic cotton, buttons and zippers are fashioned from recycled materials, dyes are natural, and packaging is made from recycled paper and soy-based inks. These higher-end jeans are handmade and each pair is one-of-a-kind.

Nudie Jeans calls itself “the naked truth about denim” and says “jeans are more than just a piece of clothing”. Nudie produces 100% organic cotton denim, and the spinning, dyeing, and finishing is carried out according to ecological procedures. Nudie uses natural elements like potato starch to avoid chemicals and insists its suppliers follow a code of conduct which ensures fair treatment to workers.

7 For All Mankind will forever hold a place in my heart as my first pair of premium brand jeans, convincing me it is worth spending $200 to make my butt look that good. 7 carries a number of styles made from 100% organic cotton including Josefina with chain mail belt, and Austyn in white.

Linda Loudermilk has been called the Vivienne Westwood of eco and is internationally recognized as the first designer to market eco luxury (a term which she has trademarked). Her 100% organic denim collection goes beyond trousers to include dresses and jackets, too.

Good Society offers “organic, fairly-traded denim that is fully sustainable” and calls itself a movement “a belief that in all things we must love, will and do good”. Proceeds from denim sales go to support not-for-profit initiatives.

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