Denim WTF: Huggies Jeans Diapers

I’m participating in a summit for work, and while it’s been enjoyable learning a bunch more about the company, the funniest thing that has come out of it (other than being told I am an angry person by the comedian we went to see last night) is finding these special bunnies over on Charlene from My Frugal Adventures‘ site.

These are the new jeans diapers from Huggies. Supposedly they were huge in Asia. But… um… they’re baby diapers. With a denim print.

For babies.

If you’re really interested in getting a pair, you can. They’re at CVS… and you can find a $1 off coupon over at

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  2. well i purchased a box of the huggies denim diapers they r cute but dont hold like the regular little movers box i dont think i will buy another cuz its not cut for my daughter to pee and her clothes r wet they r thin and not asorbant