Behind the Blues Interview Series: Marie from The Curvy Fashionista

by Jaime on May 17, 2010

Marie can show any girl, of ANY size, how to rock her look. She’s got a gift, and she sure knows how to use it. There are some bloggers that I turn to when I need to gain a little perspective – and intelligent insight – in the fashion industry, and Marie is at the top of my list. Enjoy the interview!

Why did you start The Curvy Fashionista?

I created the Curvy Fashionista out of a necessity.  As a discerning fashionista, I searched for a resource, that mirrored the traditional fashion sites, but one that was tailored to the contemporary, fashionable, and aspiring plus size woman.  I wanted the fiercest looks to accompany my Chloe Bags, Marc Jacobs shoes, you know!

With my retail background, combined with my education, I set out to provide the resources that I was aware of, sniff out those whom I wasn’t, and created The Curvy Fashionista- a plus size fashion blog- fashion forward, informative, and fun!

Is there a denim brand that’s your favorite?  What do you think they do right that other brands miss?

I actually have three favorites!

SVOBODA, Embody Denim, and David Kahn are three premium denim brands that I absolutely adore!  Each designer creates denim specifically for the curvier woman, use premium fabrics, use a specific blend of denim that allows for just enough stretch for the curves without creating the “saggy booty”… lol

Asides from a great fit, each designer offers a variety of washes, cuts, and finishes that are on trend and classic!

… and what is your favorite pair of jeans – for you – overall?

Oooh…  I do not have a favorite, as I dress for my mood! Lol!  BUT, as I sit in front of my computer a lot, and NEED to be comfortable, I would have to say my Flamenco jeans by SVOBODA, as they are RED and are boot cut.  I always feel fun and playful in them!

What was your first pair of designer denim (if you remember)?

Although not necessarily designer, but Express Womens’ Jeans really opened my eyes, like 7-9 years ago, when I started to pay attention to the differences in denim, the fabrication, washes, cuts, and the difference in quality!

What’s the biggest challenge for Plus Sized women in the denim industry?

There are so many options in plus size fashion than there were ten years ago.  With contemporary plus size designers now offering premium cuts and blends, knowing which designers pay specific attention to your shape, is all about education… Sifting through the noise now, of all the options can easily get one lost.

I find that this issue could be applied to plus denim as a whole. For so long, the only option of denim was the elasticized waist or denim that just existed (boring!). Now that we have options, it is all about experimentation, learning which designers’ cuts and fits cater to your curve.

If you designed a denim line, what would you do differently… and what would you name it?

Differently? Ohhh, I would fashion me a denim jumpsuit that I see the traditional premium denim designers making! lol  I would experiment with shapes and finishes, often seen in traditional sizing, but that are often shied away from in plus!

As for a name? Hmmm, I do not know. Probably “Denee`” I am not sure, but something along the lines of either my boutique or my blog!

If you had one personal tip – denim or otherwise – for DD readers, what would it be?

Never let your curves define your style; let your style define your curves!

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