Behind the Blues Interview Series: Jen from Prom Mafia

by Jaime on May 13, 2010

I clicked with Jen the first time that I talked to her. She has a unique personality, a true desire to help people and a great sense of style. And that was before she picked me as a Bombshell Blogger!

But seriously, there is so much to learn from Jen. She’s fun, fashionable and extremely caring. You’ll love this interview!

How did you start Prom Mafia, and what has been the most rewarding experience you’ve had because of it?

I started Prom Mafia because I needed a fun and creative outlet to counterbalance the stress of law school. The site turned into an homage to affordable fashion because I was sick and tired of tv and magazines telling me I needed to go into debt in order to be fashionable.

As cheesy as this may sound, interacting with my readers is the most rewarding part about running my site. I love reading their comments, helping them with fashion questions, and giving them prizes. That makes it all worthwhile.

What is your favorite pair of dressy jeans, and how would you style them?

My Paige Premium Denim boot cut jeans are my only pair of dressy jeans. Since they go with absolutely everything, I don’t need another pair! I usually wear them with heels, a flashy top, and a cute jacket.

… and what is your favorite pair of jeans overall?

I’m more about fit than the label so my absolute favorite jeans are my holey Vigoss Studio pair that I got for $10 at Nordstrom Rack. They have a comfy and casual look that fits my body and my personality.

What about your dream pair?

I really don’t have a dream pair! I feel just as stylish and beautiful in a pair of jeans from an outlet store I would if they were from a department store.  Basically, I am quite content with my denim wardrobe.

What was your first pair of designer denim (if you remember)?


If you had one personal tip for DD readers, what would it be?

Fashion is supposed to be an extension of yourself and not the essence of yourself. It is normal and healthy to desire and work toward something, but you should also learn to be content and confident with what you have.

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