Behind the Blues Interview Series: Dani from FerOHHHsh

by Jaime on May 26, 2010

There are still a few amazing interviews (we had a lull for a while… blame your slow editor!) and Dani is definitely one of them! I started working with her more when I did a style series on her site, but have admired her from afar… after all, the girl’s got style and class. Enjoy the interview!

How did you start FerOHHHsh?

It’s a funny story actually. I’ve always thought about starting a blog as a place to index and share things I came across in my web travels, but couldn’t find the time or come up with a concept and name that really spoke to me. Then I had an accident during a daily run (torn ACL) and suddenly had a bunch of free time. I kept whining to my friend Mike how bored I was, and finally he said “start a blog or something”. That night, the name ferOHHHsh just popped into my head out of nowhere, so I felt like it was a sign. I went with it.

What is your favorite pair of jeans to wear when you’re going out and how would you style them?

I really only ever  wear one type of jean: skinny. I love the fit and how they look with heels. You’ll usually find me wearing jeans and a tank, with killer heels, interesting accessories, and a luxe leather bag. If it’s cold, add a moto jacket. I’m pretty simple, style-wise.

… and how about your favorite pair of jeans overall?

I’m going to get shit for this, but right now I pretty much live in jeggings. That’s a dirty word in most fashion circles! As an editor, I’m at the computer ALL DAY…and they’re soooo comfortable. Sorry, fashion gods!

What about your dream pair?

Denim by Rock & Republic at ShopStyle

I have my eye on a pair of Rock & Republic jeans currently (check them out on the right). They’re kind of out there, for me. I’m not sure that I have the balls to pull them off!

What was your first pair of designer denim (if you remember)?

Hahah oh man… I’m dating myself here, but I do remember:They were Hugo Boss, black, and EXTREMELY baggy. I was going through a hip-hop phase, and I BEGGED my mom for those jeans. I remember I even wore them sagging so that the pair of boxers I had on underneath would show. This is so embarassing. In my defense, it was 1993 and I was 13!

If you had one personal tip for DD readers, what would it be?

Follow your style instinct. You may really love a piece of clothing aesthetically, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you. If you’re uncomfortable in what you have on, it’ll show. Whether we’re talking jeans or just in general, dressing outside of your comfort zone is the quickest way to become a fashion victim.

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