Behind the Blues Interview: Ellie from The Wholestyle Network

by Jaime on May 31, 2010

I love Ellie with all my heart and soul. She’s a sweet, passionate, caring person with a fiery personality and bright wit. Naturally, she ended up as a part of the interview series… but we held it off until her brand new (and AMAZING) site, The Wholestyle Network, launched. So, we’ll be talking about both of her sites here… and no, I don’t know when she sleeps. Enjoy!

How did you start Apples and Porsches?

A&P began because I felt I’d trapped myself in expectations with my first site, Jaka’s Tea Party.  I’d started out with all these ideas of what a blogger is “supposed to do”, which only served to make me crazy.  I needed a place where I could free myself mentally and keep pursuing the wholestyle idea in truer fashion.  Rather than completely overhauling the old site and trashing everything I’d done, I moved to a new domain with a fresh canvas and a fresh outlook.  Now, I’m doing more of what I want and less of what I think I “should”, and I think the name reflects the breadth of my interests perfectly.

As an exciting side note and shameless plug:  Speaking of wholestyle, The Wholestyle Network has just launched!  Every time someone reads the manifesto or the idea comes up, people are so jazzed about it that I got motivated to put together a site just for that.  It’s like a daily version of the roundups interspersed with original articles, and there are forums so people can discuss ideas in more than 140 characters.  The goal is to get the wholestyle word out there and spread the love as far and wide as we can.  Come over and hang out!  {end plug}

What is your all-time favorite pair of jeans and why?

Hands-down the best pair of jeans I ever owned has to be my Express Sarulas, which they apparently don’t make anymore.  Dark stain, a little flare, low-riders, whoo!  The cut just fit every line of my body, including my muscly thighs and, in the technical terms of my chiropractor, all that junk in my trunk.  I’ve got long legs and not much waist to speak of, but that wasn’t a problem for these beauties.  They looked great and were incredibly comfortable, too, so I wore them a lot.

… and how about your current favorite? (if they’re one in the same, color me jealous!)

I only own four pairs of denim, three Gap and one Brody Jeans, all thrifted.  I wound up accidentally getting purple and yellow paint all over the Brodys, but they turned out to be the most comfy, so now they’re my favourite.  I can’t really wear them out in public unless I’m hitting up Walmart or going for that tough girl, “I don’t care” look, though.  I’m really into the comfort level of jeans before their look – I’m just that kind of person.

What about your dream pair?

Hrm…I guess that would need to be a combination of the Sarulas and the Brodys.  Something mega-comfortable with a bit of stretch that fits my admittedly difficult-to-clothe legs.  They’d be jeans that could be worn anywhere; I keep my wardrobe under control, so I need my pants to be both pretty and utilitarian.  They’d need to last; that’s what I like about Gap jeans – they’ll last through a nuclear holocaust.  I love the darker washes and need a little flare at the bottom to cover my non-matching socks.   Can…can I get those…?

You don’t own any Premium Denim (note: you’d be surprised, many of my readers actually don’t). Why haven’t you made the leap?

Honestly?  Because I’m cheap and afraid to buy clothes on the internet.  While I know that you can get premium denim for much cheaper than retail if you hit the sites at the right time ($40 down from $200, what!), that’s still too much for me.  Hell, I don’t even pay more than $40 for shoes.   I buy nearly all my clothes at the thrift store where I’m getting $60 Gap jeans for $6-10, and I know they fit right and will last.  Plus, buying clothing online has always been a trial for me, so I had to stop doing it.  My feet, my legs, and my ribcage make it a huge hassle that almost never works out.  Once I get a bit more financially stable, I would love to invest in some premium, though.  I definitely want to get to a point with my wardrobe where it’s more quality.

If you had one personal tip for DD readers, what would it be?

Don’t dry your jeans!  I was skeptical of this piece of your advice for a while, but eventually I found myself a dollar short on laundry day and gave it a shot.  While the jeans get kinda crunchy from the air-dry and tend retain the shape of the top of the door, they do fit way better the first day.  You know second-day jeans?  The ones that only actually fit after you’ve worn them for a whole day first?  This totally eliminates that problem.  And the crunchiness and door-shape do go away once you put ‘em away.  It sounds like a weird thing to do, but I’ll say from experience that it’s a good trick.

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