Your Denim Debutante turns 24 (It’s My Birthday!)

by Jaime on April 21, 2010

Is it wrong to want to stay home on my birthday, eat Funfetti cake and just play in a pile of denim?

It seems to be. At least, it’s not the “adult” thing to do. So, while I may be at work today, I hope all of you will be celebrating my birthday for me… though I’m not sure that 24 is an amazing age worthy of celebration.

I’ll try to get an outfit post up today, per requests (if there are any other special requests for today, leave them in the comments!), but I wanted to leave you guys with a shot of baby JP:

You can tell it’s me by the puffy cheeks, the dominating attitude (even at six!) and, of course, the hair.

Have a great day, guys… and make sure you’re wearing jeans for Denim Day!


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