Three Things You Probably Don’t Know About Your Jeans

by Jaime on April 13, 2010

You wear them every day, but how much do you know about your favorite pair of jeans? Here are three things that just may surprise you!

1. That low-end brand may be distressed and washed at the same laundry as your $200 pair… but that doesn’t mean they are the same quality. There aren’t that many denim laundries in the world, and many of them happen to be in LA. So, a large number of your favorite brands go to the same laundries (the place where your jeans are dyed, washed, and distressed) where the same people deal with the jeans. Washes are trade secrets… brands jump through hoops to protect them. So, why is the cheap pair not as good? The quality of the products used and the amount of time going into the jeans just can’t compare.

2.You pay for fabric, distressing… and branding? There are some things that are obvious… you pay more money for Cone denim or Japanese selvedge than you would for low-grade denim. But for many of the high end brands, you also pay a premium for hand-distressing and abrasions, stitch designs and, of course, the actual promotion and marketing of the jeans. Everyone has to get paid eventually. The more hands that tough your jeans, the more expensive they get. ‘Nuff said.

3. Fit Models rule the world (or, at least how your jeans fit your backside). Every brand has a fit model… which is part of the reason why no two brands fit alike. 7 For All Mankind initially used Paige Adams-Geller (now of Paige Premium Denim fame), because Dahan felt that if she looked good in the jeans, they’d done it right. So, if the fit model doesn’t like it, don’t expect it to hit stores without a little tweaking.

Anything you didn’t know, or didn’t expect? Part of what makes each denim brand different is that no two brands – or pairs, for that matter – are alike. There’s so much to learn from each style… and so many ways to fall in love.


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