Sample Sale Alert: Mek Denim on The Sample Sale

by Jaime on April 20, 2010

Yeah, it’s another brand that I have no previous experience with (I’ve never written about Mek but I know the name… Even though I run a denim site, I can’t buy every pair of jeans in the world. Not yet, at least.), but since I’m only here to remind you of the sales, I’m doing my Denim Debutante duty.

Mek Denim – for men and women – will be appearing on The Sample Sale at 12pm EST. From some minor research, they retail from $100 to $150, so I’d expect them to be around the $50 to $70 range. Any of you who are fans of the brand, please share whether that’s a good price or not, as well as any other nuggets of denim genius you have.

Need an invite code? Click here to get into The Sample Sale.

Also, I should just stop writing this blog and let you take it over. I’ll just keep getting the jeans, you can do the work. Sounds good, right?

(And I know I’m not just here for the sales. You guys love looking at my butt, too.)


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