Sample Sale Alert: J Brand on Beyond the Rack

by Jaime on April 17, 2010

I want you to know about this sale because I love J Brand. But seriously guys, if the prices are over $100, do NOT buy. Sure, I might make a higher commission, but you’re not really getting a good deal… and you deserve better than that.

But, there is always that possibility that the sale is a good one, so it may be worth checking out, which is why I’m posting about it. Head over to at 11:00 am EST today and check out what they have. But seriously… don’t go over $100. I know that BtR is based in Canada, but they’re not charging you CAD. That’s USD, kids. Don’t get ripped off when you can definitely find a better deal. You’re a DD reader, so you’re way too smart for that BS.

Also on sale: 

There are definitely some Frankie B. jeans below $40 on Modnique. If you’re a big fan of Daniella Clarke’s line, this is a great way to get more… or even try it for the first time! This IS a good price to buy at (there’s one pair in there that’s still like $80-something. Avoid it, I don’t care if the Swarovski crystals call your name!), so I’d recommend grabbing if it’s in your size.

And, while I’m not positive that there will be denim in the sale, HauteLook’s Saturday Sprint is usually a good one to check out. The deals are fierce.

Happy Shopping!


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