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by Jaime on April 1, 2010

I’m hoping this isn’t an April Fools joke, because I LOVE the idea that they’re going for! My favorite denim writer, Ross Tucker, announced on WWD today that Anlo founders, husband-and-wife team Jenna Andreola Lonstein and David Lonstein, will launch a new denim line called OTR (an acronym for Off the Record), this fall.  

The best part? The line is far more affordable with ranging from $95 – $136! The jeans will be available at Revolve Clothing (hopefully online and not just at the boutique), and a handful of boutiques throughout the U.S.

Here’s a little snippet from the article:

The success of Anlo’s denim leggings, which sold at a lower price point, was one indicator that moving forward with a new line could work.

“[The leggings] were flying off the shelves,” he said. “We thought maybe there was something to what people were saying about that and thought we could try a whole new line.”

The couple launched Anlo at retail in May 2006 with about 12 specialty stores nationwide, making a mark with sophisticated styling and retail prices around $200. Originally based in New York, they moved to Los Angeles to have more access to and control over the line’s production. Last spring, they added a collection of silk tops and dresses to Anlo, which prompted a move back to New York. Within the last several months, they said the introduction of a lower-priced label became more alluring.

“Even though customers have been price conscious, Anlo has been steady,” said Jenna Lonstein. “So we didn’t see the need to lower Anlo’s price points.”

David said, “We didn’t want to do an Anlo B line. We wanted a fresh company with a fresh concept,” adding he didn’t want to confuse customers with a sublabel.

Jenna said designing for OTR frees her up to push trends and be more fashion forward. In the higher ends of the premium spectrum, she believes customers and retailers are playing it safe with more basic styles.

“Fashionwise, I can take more risks and customers are able to take the risk and buy a fashion jean at $136 versus spending $200,” she said.

If you have a WWD subscription, check out Ross’ article here. I can’t wait to see what they come out with!


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