Have You Ever: Bought Yourself a Birthday Present?

by Jaime on April 16, 2010

Sure, some people frown upon it, but I think that getting yourself a gift is an important part of the birthday celebration.

Besides, who knows what you love better than you do?

So, this year, I’ve already taken care of what I’m getting me. Here are the bargains:

1. Mint by Jodi Arnold Sleeveless Dress from The Outnet: I happened to be up for an unrelated reason at 4:00am MST this morning, and was able to catch this sale. If I had other items to choose from, it wouldn’t have been my first choice, but for $1? I’ll take it in a heartbeat. Expect to see it show up in an outfit post soon.

2. April 77 Jeans from YOOX: The company is going out of business. These were $14… and I don’t own any purple jeans. They may be a bit small in a 25, but I’d rather get them and have to give them away. I hate regretting not making a purchase… and I don’t think I’ve ever regretted buying a pair of denim for $14. Or a pair of denim period.

3. BI 4 Black Suede Ankle Boots from YOOX: I need flatter black boots (hell, I needed black boots in general), and these are cute. I’ll probably do some alterations to them – I’m not a huge fan of the little tassle-y things – but I think I can get a bit of wear out of these puppies. And they were $19… always a plus.

4. Rogan Tee from YOOX: This rounded out my YOOX shopping, and while I’m not 100% sure this is the same tee (most of them are gone now…), I do know that I LOVE Loomstate and if Rogan is even slightly similar (after all, Rogan Gregory is the Loomstate co-founder), I’ll be pleased with this purchase.

And that’s it! Those are my birthday gifts to… well, to me!

Do you treat yourself on your birthday? This has become kind of a ritual for me… I always get myself something nice. Granted, I don’t normally get four things, but since all four were less than $50, I don’t feel too bad.


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