Guest Blog: Paula’s Kasil Denim Fit Review

by Jaime on April 21, 2010

While this statement may hold true for some things (a few awkward high school moments come to mind), it does not hold true – in my experience – to denim. What I mean is that even though all the denim cuts in a particular brand, Kasil for example, may be premium, soft and top quality, the perfection of fit may vary. How do I know this? Well, I had to learn the hard way.

Truth be told, I had never even heard of Kasil Denim at the time of my first purchase. What I did know was that they were practically being given away so how could I not at least try, say one…maybe two pairs!

From L to R: Devious Bootcut in Tristan, Presley Democracy Wide-Leg in Atlantic

Those first two pairs, the Devious in Tristan and Presley Democracy in Atlantic were a rousing success – in that, private “dance in front of the mirror to the tune of ‘I’m Cool Like That’” kind of way. (hmm – did I really just admit to that?). They fit like a second skin, but better, ‘cause it’s you know, denim. (I’d like to say they are “bootyliscious”, but I fear the loss of what credibility I have left). Suffice to say they were and continue to be prime A list denim in heavy rotation on my wear list.

(from L to R): Noelle Bootcut in Baltic, Benetar Skinny in Steel

Finally, I had found denim heaven. Flush with success, I went on to purchase, from a fellow shopper, the Noelle in Baltic in an effort to yet again, attain that pure denim euphoria. And while the fit was snug and acceptable, I just did not attain the same level of elation. Instead of a second skin, they felt more like a separate entity – you know, you stand up, but the jeans are still sitting? But of course, there could be any number of reasons for my failure – I was puffy, the jeans were seconds, I needed to do more butt exercises…

So, in that ‘glass half full kind of way’, I reached for the brass ring one more time by bravely purchasing the Benatar Skinnys in Steel. But again, although the fit was decent, the waist was a bit gappy and thus another failure to recreate pure denim nirvana. Although, I will have to admit the silvery blue wash was quite unique.

Moral of the story?
Although some come pretty darn close,
Where denim brands are concerned, there is no True Utopia …
But, one can always hope!
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Trina April 28, 2010 at 11:36 am

Just purchased 2 pair of the Democracy Wide Leg jeans at Billion Dollar Babes. I’m excited!
.-= Trina´s last blog ..Using our weapons =-.


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