Guest Blog: Nora’s Pure Blue Japan Denim Review

by Jaime on April 30, 2010

Let me introduce myself, my name is Nora and I am a true denim lover! That basically means that I’m really not into all the commercial labels that are out there. I like denim that’s woven on old shuttle looms that results in a nice clean selvage cloth. Dyed in natural indigo, to be assembled and sewn into a great pair that you can use and abuse, wear and tear to get your own unique jeans.

Japanese denim is the best in the world. And sadly, it seems that many more men than woman have an interest in the denim made by artisans, with knowledge that is passed on through the generations. The real thing!

And that is exactly what I want to change, because if I like it so much, there must be other girls out there just like me! So, here starts the education of what denim is all about.

First and for all, forget about commercial labels that charge you ridiculous prices for a pair that’s not unique and of poor quality due to mass production. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a commercial jeans if you’re not paying more than 100€ for it. But, if you are thinking of spending 2, 3, 4 or even 500€ on a jeans, you better spend it on quality and not on a name right?

Keep in mind that production cost of a mass production label is as low as 0-1% of actual retail price, so you really are paying for the name!

Also beware of labels that claim to have made their jeans in Japan. If only 5% of the complete pair is made in Japan, they can claim it is made is Japan, even if the other 95% is done in Turkey or elsewhere… So, if you’re going for the real thing, try to find out a bit more about the label before purchasing.

Let me talk a bit about one of my favourite labels for women’s denim: Pure Blue Japan

This a very small company based in Okayama, Japan (the birthplace of Japanese denim). They are small but they have a name that everyone knows when you are even a bit interested in denim. Mostly famous for the men’s denim, they also make amazing denim for girls.

I’m wearing the 1069OW that is a 12oz, slim straight fit, mild stretch (5%) jeans. I’m a size 28 and this one fit me perfectly! They started out a bit tight around the thighs but this denim is quite slubby and after an hour or so, they stretched for the perfect fit!

The dark colour is amazing but that’s no surprise, after all, Pure blue Japan is all about the quest for the perfect indigo colour.  I always go for the indigo but they do exist in Purple face if you like more colour on your legs. Basically that means that the weft, which is usually white, is dyed purple. So when the fading sets in, you’ll have the purple colour coming out.

I’m wearing them now more on than off for about 2 months and I’m starting to see some fading and whiskers behind the knees and front. I didn’t wash them in the machine, but soaked twice with very little detergent.  I’m still a girl and I really want them washed  (whatever my husband says! He’s an even bigger denim freak than I am and swears to practically not washing them at all!) Really, I can’t wait what they will look like in a few months.

For those who don’t like a lot of stitching or other things on your butt, this one is perfect. The patch is clean leather with an indigo leave and a smaller indigo leave on the back right pocket (look at the pics), beautiful!

Let’s talk price: 185€, can you believe it? For 185€ you get super high quality, amazing fit and colour, and a unique pair of jeans!

Moving on to the next one (I do change my outfit once in a while), the Pure Blue Japan L-1088 has a slim straight super stretch fit. Usually I’m not so into the whole stretch thing, but these jeans are so extremely comfortable! Perfect for being a busy mom, which I am too… running around, picking up toys, running after my two and a half year old (you know the drill).

This one comes in 5 different colours, indigo-black-purple-brown and blue/gray. Off course I went for the indigo again. The stitching matches the overall colour for a clean look. The only signature is the indigo leave on the right back pocket, no patch.

The price for the colours is 199€, the indigo comes at 210€!

I’m adding some pictures so you can see for yourself what I’m talking about.

That was it for now but I’ll be back with more denim!


For more info on denim

For Europe’s exclusive point of sale for Pure Blue Japan 

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Angelica May 13, 2010 at 4:00 am

Hi! I’m sorry if this is a sensitive question, but what are your measurements?
I really love your reviews, and since we look really similar in height & shape it would be really helpful for me to figure out my own size. Especielly around the hip area.


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