Behind the Blues Interview Series: Nicole from The Sale Rack

by Jaime on April 23, 2010

Some people just know how to shop… it’s like they have this sixth sense for finding deals the rest of us just dream about. Nicole is SO that woman. She’s got a great sense of style, and even better personality and she knows how to get the best bang for her buck. Read her interview below, then head over to The Sale Rack for daily bargains on more than just denim!

How did you start The Sale Rack?

The Sale Rack started as my dirty little secret. I was in a transitional period after having lost my job for an automotive parts supplier and was working out of my home as a virtual assistant, but I honestly wasn’t really into it. Without telling any of my family or friends what I was doing, I decided to see if I could make a go of my (self-proclaimed) talent for finding designer duds on the cheap.  And well…here I am two years later still showing people how they can have a fabulous & affordable wardrobe, chock full of the brands they love just by shopping sales & using coupon codes.

What is your favorite pair of jeans that make you feel like a million dollars?

My Citizens of Humanity “Tallulah” low-waist, wide leg jeans. LOVE them.
… and your favorite pair of jeans overall?

Although I don’t consider these designer denim, I have a pair of Calvin Klein boyfriend jeans that I wear all the time and love! They are my every day, go-to jean. The wash is just right, the pockets are in the correct spot on my bum, and they look great with flats or my favorite wedges.
What about your dream pair?
Hmm…I’m not sure there is a dream pair that exists for me that I could name by designer & style, however something that would be truly dreamy would be a pair of jeans that make my backside look incredible, are exceptionally comfortable, and need no alterations whatsoever! That would be my dream pair.

What was your first pair of designer denim (if you remember)?
Let’s just say they had an embroidered gold swan on them. Yes, I am that old.  (Hint: Anderson Cooper’s Mother)
Tell us about the best deal you found (you are the Sale Master, after all!) on jeans.
I think I’d have to say that the best deal I’ve found on denim was a pair of Rich & Skinny Bellissima
dark turquoise jeans that I found at Rue La La for only $60. The price and that they fit great right out of the box make me consider this the best deal I’ve scored online.  In a brick & mortar shop, I’d have to say my best deal was on a pair of $200 velveteen True Religion’s that I picked up at a Florida Neiman Marcus’ Last Call for $21.99!
If you had one personal tip for DD readers, what would it be?

My advice would be that when you are out shopping to try on many different brands and cuts of denim and find your favorites…then come home and go online to Denim Debutante & The Sale Rack to find out where and when those brand & styles will be on sale, and buy them!

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