Tips and Tricks to Save Your Denim, Part Two

by Jaime on March 28, 2010

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I told you there was more coming your way, and here’s part two. If you learn anything from me over the time you’ve spent reading these posts of sales, deals, reviews and quirky anecdotes, these tips are something that will really help you extend the life – and love – of your favorite clothing pieces.

2.Treat them like you spent $250, even if you didn’t. At the end of the day, whether you’re tired (or maybe a little tipsy), the last thing that’s usually on your mind is where to put your jeans. They end up on the floor, half under your bed and stepped on in the morning. The best way to change this habit is to change your thought process. Go through your closet and find the most expensive thing you own. Throw it on the floor.

That hurt, didn’t it?

Well, imagine that your jeans were that same item. Damage and wear increases with improper care, so just take a little time (and maybe find the right method for storage) to change your habits for the better. Your denim – and your Denim Debutante – will thank you.


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