Tips and Tricks to Save Your Denim, Part Three

by Jaime on March 31, 2010

It’s time for part three! If you missed parts one and two, click here to check them out!

3. Mend before they’re too far gone. We do a lot of strange things to our jeans. One of my big problems is that I tend to pull mine up – almost always by the nearest belt loop – and there’s nothing crappier than tearing off a loop. It’s kind of embarrassing, really annoying and beyond frustrating.

The worst? When you manage to make a little hole in them, too. Here’s the thing: little holes become big holes, which become things that even Denim Therapy can’t solve for you (okay, that’s probably not true. They can solve pretty much anything… they’re magical). So, do whatever you can to stitch and mend them as soon as possible, and you can avoid having to trash a pair you love.

I’m not saying carry a needle and thread with you at all times (and, while you shouldn’t hike your jeans up via your belt loop, my hypocrisy is telling me I can’t comment on that one), but have something at home – a little sewing kit or sewing machine – so that you can repair it yourself. It will save you so much trouble… and cash!

Just one more tip to go! Anything you think I’ve missed so far?


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