New Denim Brand: WTFJeans (Yes, that is their name.)

by Jaime on March 7, 2010

I caught an article about these babies on Mashable, and I thought I should share this with all the guys of the world.

These, my friends, are the WTF Jeans.

Here’s what Mashable shared about them:

If you were ever frustrated by the lack of iPhone/iPod touch pocket on your jeans, here’s a treat for you: wtfJeans. This freshly launched indie jeans brand was just a blueprint three months ago, but things happen fast on the Internet, and now you can order them from the online shop, in boy/girl varieties.

What’sso special about these jeans? Well, they have an iPhone/iPod touchpocket with micro-fiber interior protection, as well as a hidden,high-security USB stick pocket. These should be a perfect fit for yourgadgets, unlike the pockets usually found on, well, regular jeans.While we cannot comment on build quality, fit style and all those otherthings that make you love or hate a pair of jeans, the idea of jeanswith custom pockets for our favorite gadgets warms our geeky hearts.

According to the site,the jeans are still in beta stage (whatever that means), and the firstpairs are expected to ship on May 2, at the price of 59 euros (80dollars).

I’m not sure I really need a pair (they are kind of hideous), but they’re fun… and I have a couple friends who would probably love them!


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