How to: Wear Denim Bermuda Shorts

by Jaime on March 30, 2010

Spring is coming quickly (and really, it could come a little bit faster… hear that, Spring?!?), so you’re going to start dipping into your lighter clothes, and one of my favorite things to bring out is a pair I have from Red Engine. 

They’re not short shorts. They’re not capris.

They fit somewhere in between, and that’s why you love them. Bermuda Shorts are comfy, casual and offer you a stylish look when you don’t feel like being dressed up. Oh, and did I tell you they were in style right now?

1. Do NOT wear your Bermuda Shorts with heels. They’re a casual piece of clothing… don’t try to make them something they’re not. Heels and your J Brand capris? Sure. Heels and your Joie wool shorts? I guess you could, if you’re a fan of dressy shorts (I waffle back and forth on that one). But Bermuda Shorts are a different breed.

2. Keep it simple. Tees, tanks… the basics. They’re all great for pairing with Bermuda shorts. Patterns work, but I prefer a basic top that balances out the look of the shorts themselves.

3. Don’t wear Elbow Sleeved shirts. I know, this one’s kind of weird… but think about it. There’s something redundant about wearing 3/4 sleeves with capris. You wouldn’t do it… so don’t do it with these. I like to vary the lengths of my tops/bottoms (note: this does NOT include wearing long sleeves with full-length pants. If it’s cold, don’t dress like it’s summer. Thanks.). Just like you should pose your body at three different angles (head, torso, legs), you should give some dimension to your outfits.

But remember… rules, even fashion ones, are made to be broken. Try out different looks, find what you like!

With a great fit and the right tips, you’re bound to find something you adore!


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