Guest Blog: How Paula Wears her Stitch’s Boyfriend Jeans

by Jaime on March 30, 2010

The fabulous Paula’s back with another review that you just HAVE to love… even if it gets a Kenny Chesney song stuck in your head! Enjoy, and if you have any questions, leave your comments below! – JP

Walk a Mile in his … Jeans?

The Boyfriend Jean. How did this phenomenon take hold anyway? For me, it was a slow progression. I was initially mystified by the craze, then critical, then interested and THEN thrilled. First came The Boyfriend (for those who wanted to figuratively be closer to their guy’s butt), then The Ex-Boyfriend (for those who destroyed their actual ex-bf’s jeans), then The Tomboy (for those who didn’t want to be bothered with a bf) and then, yes – even The Dad Jean (for those who…. well actually, I find this one slightly disturbing but…)

editor’s note: with a name like that, no wonder it’s on sale! Too bad…they’re fairly cute.

(Let’s just hope the “Grandpa Jean” is left well enough alone!)

Personally, I think the fascination with Boyfriend jeans is rooted in our love forBoys in Jeans. Somehow, no matter what your romantic situation, it feels sexy and adventurous to run around in a pair of jeans that fits like a guy’s. And come on, I know I am not the only one who checks out the backside of men’s jeans with as much if not more diligence as women’s jeans; although the scope of research and eventual conclusion may be…ummm… somewhat different!

Ok, so where am I going with this? Well this perspective is to explain my behavior at the last Stitch’s sample sale. After writing a review for DD about my love for my one pair of Stitch’s, I decided it was time to explore another. I slowly made my way through the extensive selection examining skinnies, cords, skirts, bootcuts – looking, considering, but not committing – until I came to the Ex-Boyfriend Suspender Jean in Tractor or Barn wash. And despite the fact that this unfortunate name recalled to mind a rousing rendition of the hit Country music ‘classic’ “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” – I had to have them. So, with the song annoyingly twanging away in my head, time ticking on the clock, and my usually bound and gagged logical side screaming –“Not another pair of Boyfriends!!”; I finally resigned myself to the fact that if I did not buy them now, I would forever be hunting them down.

Are they sexy? I just don’t know. Although as proof to the affirmative, I can offer that I did catch a guy checking me out in the grocery store while wearing them. Ok, well actually, the truth is, he probably was silently pleading with me for help with the hysterical, screaming baby he happened to be holding at the time of the alleged “check out”… But, you never know.

What I do know is that they are very lightweight, amazingly soft & comfortable, with wonderful stitching/hardware detail, and will be up close and personal with a whole lotta bleachers I have to slide my bf clad bum onto this summer! Now, my Boyfriend collection is completed – yes, it’s true, even without the Dad Jean…

* Not a wardrobe malfunction – I just wanted to show how the jeans hang on the hip – which encapsulates my love for the fit of the bf jean. Also, the shirt is Stitch’s. And, for those of you considering these – I sized down one size from my true size and they are still, as you can see, really roomy.

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