Guest Blog: AG Joey Selvage Boyfriend Jeans Pair Review

by Jaime on March 22, 2010

Sometimes I get reviews that hit my inbox and just make me say, “Oh my god, I NEED to own these jeans. NOW.” Paula’s latest review had that response and then some. She’s got my mouth watering with this review of her new AG Joey Selvedge Boyfriend Jeans (and, I’ll be honest… I didn’t even know that AG made selvedge. How embarrassing!). Read and love this as much as I did… and if you have a pair or a brand that you want to share, send me an email! – JP

Make me One with Everything

Do you know the feeling… you are surfing along (the internet), minding your own business (hoping you don’t get caught), just a little harmless window shopping (as if) when all of a sudden, your whole existence is rendered incomplete because that beautiful pair of denim on the screen is not currently sitting in your closet waiting for a turn to show your butt to the world?  Ok, so maybe I am overstating (I said, maybe). But, we can all admit we have been there.  Unfortunately, I have been there more times than I should say (oh wait, that is assuming I actually a feel shame…).

Anyway, this encapsulates the feeling I had when I first laid eyes on the Adriano Goldschmied (AG) Joey Selvage Boyfriend Jeans.  I already had a deep lust for AG, and had been able to acquire a few pairs at reasonable to frighteningly cheap prices.  But these… these were special and the price reflected it!  You know when the look, the price, and the fact that you might actually talk yourself into paying full price makes you start to hyperventilate?  Yeah, special like that.

What was so great about them?  Well, the use of Supima cotton makes them ultra soft (as in all AG denim).   The natural fading makes them look like the perfectly worn-in vintage jean.  No two pairs are alike.  The new wash process uses a revolutionary technology that creates the natural variations of wear and tear and is made specifically to wear more over time. They are 100% cotton (a personal fave of mine).  They have that hang-on-the-hips sexy – I just rolled out of bed and threw on my guy’s jeans – look.  And, oh yes, that “selvage” word (what the heck does that mean anyway?):

Selvage denim (also called selvedge denim) is a type of denim which forms a clean natural edge that does not unravel. It is commonly presented in the unwashed or raw state. Typically, the selvage edges will be located along the out-seam of the pants, making it visible when cuffs are worn.

The word “selvage” comes from the phrase “self-edge”, the natural edge of a roll of fabric. As applied to denim, it means that which is made on old-style shuttle looms. These looms weave fabric with one continuous cross thread (the weft) that is passed back and forth all the way down the length of the bolt. As the weft loops back into the edge of the denim it creates this “self-edge” or Selvage. Selvage is desirable because the edge can’t fray like lower grade denims that have separate wefts which leave an open edge that must be stitched.    (Not a clue?? Me either – so I posted a pic!!).  

And then add onto that, all the secret little places where AG threw in extra stitching detail and super cool hardware.   Oh, and did I mention – they are ultra comfortable!

Now, before I lose total credibility as a “shopper”, let me tell you that I did NOT pay full price for these – even though I was tempted more than a reformed drunk locked in a room full of perfectly aged brandy.  No, I waited, watched and was rewarded.  By the time I happened upon the deal, however, my true size was not available.  But, a quick convo with a CS rep convinced me that a size down would be perfect… and it was!

Is my existence complete now?  Absolutely!… that is until my next denim epiphany.  But, for now, at least, my butt is content.

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Erica June 26, 2010 at 11:36 am

Wow. These jeans look incredible on you! I’ve been tempted by these before. I might need to go shopping.


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