Denim Done Wrong: The Pajama Jeans

by Jaime on March 29, 2010

I swore to myself that I wouldn’t write about these. I put it off, ignored the emails and even tried to block them out of my mind.

But today, I came into work, booted up my computer, opened the site and low and behold, came across this adsense ad:

These are NOT okay. They’re not. They’re wrong in every sense of the word, and make me want to kill the “designers” who created them. (and for those of you who say that they’re just denim leggings… denim leggings don’t have a slightly flared bootcut. Or hideousness.)

So, fine, Pajama Jeans. You win. You’ve made it onto the site (although by sneaky, backdoor methods that still make me despise you…), but be warned. Your lack of style, class or ability to bring me joy means that I will not only be cruel to you. No. I’ll be downright offensive.

If I catch ANY of you in a pair of these, I’ll not only start crying on sight, but I’ll revoke your membership to our denim club. We don’t have any meetings yet, and I’m still working on the secret handshake, but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep you out. That’s how much I hate pajama jeans.

The hatred started with a video (behind the jump for those of you who have slower modems) and has gone to epic proportions… proportions that make my hatred for the Winkers seem like a secret love affair.

So, let’s get this straight: no Pajama Jeans. Not now, not ever. Consider this your Public Service Announcement for the day.

Best quote from YouTube:

‘”Wear them to bed”?? Nothing says Fuck Me like a pair of Pajama Jeans.’


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