Denim Design Lab Announces the Launch of its E-Store (Finally!)

by Jaime on March 23, 2010

I’ve raved about Denim Design Lab. I’ve drooled and freaked and gotten excited… and so have many of you. Of all the brands I’ve written about, DDL is one of the ones I’m emailed about most frequently… mostly from people looking to buy but not knowing how.

Well, that’s finally about to change! DDL is opening up their online store tomorrow, and it’s going to be fantastic! Here’s their press release:

San Clemente, CA – March 23, 2010 - Denim Design Lab (DDL) will be launching its first online store tomorrow, Wednesday, March 24th.

The comprehensive e-store will make DDL’s entire collection available globally.  To date, DDL operates two “brick and mortar” denim concept shops, one in San Clemente, CA, and their newest shop in HK, which opened in November ’08.

As DDL works with a very selective group of denim specialty retailers on the wholesale side, such as American Rag Cie in Los Angeles, CA, DDL will be utilizing its new online presence to help relay DDL’s unique brand message to a wider audience of denim fanatics.
Will you be ready to shop tomorrow? I’m excited to see how the site is set up… and maybe snag a pair for myself.
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