Denim Brand Review: Siwy Denim

by Jaime on March 1, 2010

Beauty and great fit are two extremely important aspects of a pair of jeans, especially when they can come together so well. Every brand has a few hitches, but Michelle Siwy’s namesake line is one many women are slowly learning about and growing to love.

Here’s a little background on the brand:

Developed in the country’s best wash and sewing facilities in California, Siwy’s superlative, modern tailoring creates a figure flattering denim fit with unprecedented comfort. Quilted pockets lift and shape the backside, and seams carefully follow a woman’s natural curves while subtleties of aging, tinting, wrinkling, and washing add to the design. All lines in the jean accommodate the body and its characteristics when moving, sitting or standing.

Long, lean shapes have become a signature look and are softened by a shortened, curved hem at the back of the leg. This discrete design element avoids a dragging hem when worn with sneakers or heels while maintaining a height illusion for women of all sizes. Unexpected takes on classic shapes, such as denim shorts, pencil skirts and cropped styles, add novelty and variety to the collection. Siwy produces four collections per year, each forging ahead with fashion trend and fit.

Each piece is finished with hand-crafted labels made out of vintage feedsack cloth. Starting in the late eighteen forties through the mid twentieth century, feedsacks were an integral part of rural American life. Over time, they took on colorful graphics and patterns as advertising. Before it was ever fashionable, the patterned fabric from used feedsacks was recycled into garments and quilts by home-making women on the frontier. Today, Siwy utilizes this same idea to create a labeling system that ensures that each pair is a one-of-a-kind, original piece of vintage Americana.

So, while that bio is full of a lot of fun, yet fairly useless information (the fact that they use vintage feedsacks is pretty cool, despite its unimportance), there are definitely a couple of points that are good to note: first, the long and lean aspect of this line is definitely one that stands out in my book. There’s noting really technical about it; shorter hems tend to elongate the leg, and the Hannah (which I’m wearing above) does this well.

I personally own two pairs of the Hannah cut andthey fit comfortably (on the snug end of True to Size) while stillbeing flattering. They have a good amount of give, and definitely don’t require any hemming for us short girls (this only holds true for the Hannah; their bootcut, flare and some straight legs are at 35″ inseams).

Downsides? I think the pockets are a little bit too far apart, and they make my butt look a bit wider. Once again, this could be a special trait of my backside, but it’s something to keep in mind. They don’t offer multiple inseams (which is starting to feel redundant now, since it seems like there are really only two brands that do) in the same style, and they’re very geared on trends (even though they do it well… the Hannah in Snowstorm is a good example).

I truly enjoy my Siwy jeans; they’re soft, comfortable and have a great figure-flattering shape that’s easy to wear for most figures. I would probably avoid the Hannah cut if you’re Pear shaped, but the brand offers enough different options that you should be able to find something workable. Is it my favorite brand? No, but it’s definitely one that I thoroughly enjoy.

Want another opinion? Here’s what Kirsten has to say about the brand:

Siwy jeans have definitely become a very populardenim line in the last year.  A quick look to eBay and you will seethat they go for damn near their regular asking price.  This is nottrue of some of the older, well-established premium denim lines.  Youcan often find screaming deals on those brands, but Siwy not so much. Acouple of weeks ago during my daily morning ritual, which includesdrinking my cup of coffee (a must) while perusing through my emails ofthe daily sample sales and other bargains, I came across a Siwy saleand decided it was time to jump on the bandwagon.  I had to think fastwith this one as sizes were going fast and it was one of those “quickbuy it now or it will be too late type of moments.”  So, I did whatevery other denim lover would do, buy!  I did a quick look to DenimDebutante (but of course!) and a few other retail sites to see whatpeople were saying about fit and sizing.  Most felt that they may runtight, but with the way they stretch you should stick with your regularsize.  So, that is what I did.  I picked out a pair of the Hannah style(recommended by JP herself) in a light gray color.  (My first denimcolor that was not blue or black!!!!) 

To say I was excited for these to come would have been an understatement.  Theday they arrived in the mail I ran home and tried them on immediately. What?!??!  Why could I barely fit these over my legs and buttonthem?????  Ok, so I know I had been hitting the sweets hard lately,but really, it couldn’t be this bad.  Ladies….I know youall have been here at this moment and think to yourself, “WTF. Really?!?!”  I did remember that the jeans were supposed to stretch anddecided to wear them around the house and break them in a little to see ifit made a difference. (I can tell you I would not have been caught deadwalking around with jeans this tight outside the comfort of my own house!) How manyof you have first only worn your jeans at home to break them in a few timesbefore wearing them out on their “first big night/day out”?

Needless to say its been a couple weeks and they are fitting better(mostly due to me being a good girl again) and also due to thestretching that everyone mentions.  I do feel that they still run tighton me and if you have more of a round behind (me) and athletic legs,you may find them tighter than other people.  If you run a littleleaner in the legs, you probably would find them to fit very close toTTS.  The Hannah is designed to fit tight throughout the legs (almostlike leggings it seems) and cropped right at the ankle.  A very cutelook. I am impressed as this seems to work with both short and longlegs. This style has their signature quilting on the back pockets (Ilike it better on the white and gray jeans than the blue though, italmost makes them too busy) and I have read some call the pockets”tulip-shaped.”  They have a higher backside so you won’t experiencegaping as the waist, which is just so unflattering. .

All in all, I am a fan.  I will be happier when I can wear them outfeeling more comfortable in them but I think with my body style thatthese may just fit tight and if you like them with a bit more room tomove, purchase a size up.  I definitely notice the stretch beginning togive, so do keep that in mind.  I find these jeans to be really sexy,figure flattering, and a great pair to dress up.  Pick your size basedon your body style, and you’re golden. 


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