Announcing the Mavi Jeans x Denim Debutante Winners!

by Jaime on March 8, 2010

I’m usually really, really good about getting posts up right away when it comes to winners, but my weekend has included sickness, stress and taxes… not really a conducive environment to writing (or even sitting at my computer for extended periods of time, for that matter). I’m home sick from work, wallowing in a special brand of ickyness, but I can cheer up, because I’m about to make two people’s days!

Here are the winners of the Mark and Serena jeans from Mavi:

The Mark goes to Loafshine and the Serena to FaithJ! Congrats to both of you… I’ll be emailing you shortly with all the information we need, and I’m so excited for you to get these babies! Hopefully we’ll be seeing much more of Mavi on the site, so those of you who are big fans of the brand have something to look forward to!

Thank you SO much to everyone who entered this giveaway and all of our other giveaways as well. I’m so glad that you all have found value on this site… you keep me going, even when I’ve spent six hours with my head in the toilet!

Want to join the list of denim brands that have been reviewed on, or interested in sponsoring a giveaway? Contact me for more details!


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