30% off Gap Jeans with Donation

by Jaime on March 5, 2010

Alright, here’s the thing: I’ve had less than stellar experiences with Gap jeans throughout my entire life (and yes, I did try the new line… they’re not worth it, compared to many of the brands I’ve worn and loved), but I know that my opinion is only one and many of you like the brand. So, for that reason, I figured that you might like to check out this Gap Jeans discount:


Through March 14th, Gap will be accepting your old denim and giving you 30% off their new denim. My guess is that since they specify “New”, you won’t be able to combine that with discounted jeans, but for Gap fans, this might be a great deal.

GapCard gets you 35% off, but I’m not condoning you getting a Credit Card for an extra 5%.

Tell me: what have your experiences with Gap Jeans been like? I had one pair in Freshman year of High School (so, 2000) that I liked, and that’s the last and only pair that has made the cut. It seems like their brand just isn’t made for me.


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