Q&A: DenimDebutante.com Interviews Heather Yoon of PUR Premium Denim

by Jaime on February 2, 2010

I’m excited to introduce our first designer interview here on DenimDebutante.com! Heather Yoon, creator and designer of PUR Premium Denim, has graciously answered some of the hard-hitting denim questions (did YOU know that her back pockets were patented?!?).

Enjoy the interview!

Welcome to DenimDebutante.com, Heather! How did you first fall in love with denim? 

I think it was during my stay at Pepe Jeans.  It was my first time experiencing denim.  We used to bring in goods made offshore & do what we called Conversions.  Acid wash, Dye & Stone, and eventually SandBlast…  we blasted thru 30% and “killed” those jeans, but it was amazing learning what we can do with denim.

Tell us a little bit about how PUR came into existence.

I used to be a huge “consumer”.  I bought all my jeans at retail-and my closet was massive, for I loved jeans.  As time passed the quality of the jeans were getting poorer & poorer.  Fit was non-existent.  I guess I finally decided to stop complaining & make what I want.

Why should a women choose PUR denim above other brands?

She normally chooses PUR because it simply makes her look better.  The jeans are amazing in feel but the FIT – how it elongates & lifts, simply can’t be matched.

What’s your favorite pair in the line? 

The Scarlette Cigarette in Fleece.

Fleece Leggings from PUR

What kind of girl do you see wearing PUR Premium Denim? 
Smart, sexy, self-aware women.  A woman who always reaches for the best that can be, who never settles.

A big part of the denim-buying decision for most women is the back pocket. How did you decide on the placement and design? 

My Back Pocket was trademark/patented.  It is one of the most critical detail of PUR.  The design helps focus the attention on the best part of our butt- the center.  It makes the width “disappear” from vision.  I guess you have to see it to believe it…

Anything in particular you want to share with DenimDebutante.com readers? Let us know! 

I love that there is other denim fanatics like me!  I hope that you love PUR for all that I put into it.  What nature didn’t give you, PUR can.

Thanks so much to Heather for answering our questions. Do you have a question for your favorite denim designer? Email me at [email protected] and I’ll set up the interview!


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