Guest Blog: Yoyo’s J Brand Denim Review

by Jaime on February 3, 2010

Hey guys, the fierce and fabulous Yoyo is back again with another amazing review… this time, for J Brand! Make sure to leave her some love in the comments… and if you want to write a guest blog here on, feel free to email me at [email protected].  – JP

A few words that come to mind when I think of J Brand jeans would have to be simple, beautiful, flattering and versatile. J Brand jeans are almost like the LBD of the denim world in that I go to them immediately when Iwant a nice pair of denim that I am positive I’ll look and feel great in. Thesimplicity of this brand of jeans is absolutely amazing and makes me very happy and fuzzy on the inside. They have the same kind of affect on me as Mulberry accessories do on other people. It all depends on what you’re preference is really. For me though it is about finding something that is great quality and has a beautiful cut to it, which J Brand definitely does. Once you slip a pair of them on, you’ll see what I mean. It’s jeans heaven wearing these.

For most J Brand jeans, I need to size up. I once bought apair in my tts 31 because they were on sale and there was free shipping. I wassure I could squeeze myself in even though I knew from past experiences that a32 would have made my butt feel much better. I really should have just stuckwith experience and passed on the jeans because even though I was able tosquish myself into them, my whole bum was hanging out and if I were to ever goout in public you might just mistake me for your old plumber (at least from thebackview). I have found, however, that the Ink wash runs more TTS (still on thesnug side of TTS, at least for me it is) and I think Jaime had said once thatshe thought so as well. I have been wondering whether the curvy J Brand jeans(the Scarlett line) would be more tts. I’ll let you guys know if I bite thebullet and shell out the money to try them out since I have yet to find thisparticular line on sale.

At any rate, what is the moral of the story? It’s simple. JBrand jeans are quality denim jeans with flattering cuts, soft denim, prettywashes and simplicity that adds to rather than distracts from what your mothergave you. They are the jeans that will be there for you through thick and thin,killer diva night or a day kickin’ it with friends.

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