Guest Blog: Paula’s First Pair of Current/Elliott Jeans

by Jaime on February 22, 2010

It’s a new week, and today we have an awesome guest blog from Paula! An avid denim lover who I met at my last job, she’s got great taste in jeans and looks fabulous in them! Read her story about her very first pair of Current/Elliott jeans, and make sure to leave her a sweet comment once you’re done!
I guess I should start by introducing myself. I am a 40……uh, something, Mom of 2 boys, transplant from California to Missouri (long story), professional performer turned restaurant/hotel manager turned preschool teacher (even longer story), snowboarder wanna-be and of course, lover of all things denim (except for possibly the jean butt purse).  I will have to say that although I can trace my interest in denim back many years, my true obsessive love started – oh, probably around the time I met our very own Denim Debutante, Jaime (a coincidence?  I think not!). 
Over the past year, my obsessive love for denim has grown along with my beautiful collection.  At the risk of revealing the depth of my addiction, (wait, my husband won’t be reading this, right?), I will admit that I keep a pocket notebook with me at all times that includes all the denim I have ever tried on – size/notes on fit, etc – and an ever growing list of denim I desire but have yet to try.  At the top of that list, longer than any other designer, has been Current/Elliott.  I have watched as sale after sale came and went and never had the courage to jump.  
The problem?  Well, it certainly was not the cool vintage look of the styles, or the promised softness of the fabric, or the ever dropping sample sale prices.  No, the root of my fear that kept me from jumping on that “buy it” button faster than a turkey runs on Thanksgiving has been the Current/Elliott sizing issue.  Any of you who have researched this phenomenon know of what I speak!  Advice on Current/Elliott sizing ranges from “true to size” to “size down one size” to “size down two sizes” depending on where you look and who you ask.  And honestly, sizing down two from your tried and true size is hard to come to terms with.   
Jump to a month ago where I, yet again, watched as the clock ticked away on the most recent Current Elliott sample sale.  I once and for all determined, it was now or never!  So, I consulted the one person whose educated denim opinion I most value and trust.  And, not to wax too poetic, but I think she (and yes, I mean Jaime) deserves this commendation in exchange for all the free (and I might add, accurate) sizing advice she has graciously bestowed upon me time and time again!   
Well, to get to the point, I was advised, in no uncertain terms, to go down 2 whole sizes from my true size.  And in my trusting nature, that is just what I did.  Although, I might have actually cringed just a bit as I finalized the purchase! 
What was the final outcome?  Well, you can look at the pics and decide for yourself.  For my part, I will say that they are, by far, the most comfortable and perfectly fitting skinnies I have ever owned.  After several wears (is it gross to admit that I wore them three days in a row?) they still fit the same as the moment I first put them on.  And, the next Current/Elliott sale, well, you will know just where to find me and this time, I will not be afraid!! 
Thanks again, JP!
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