Denim Brand Review: Marlow Jeans

by Jaime on February 18, 2010

I’m starting with the pair of jeans on this one (and I know it’s different from the way that I usually do my reviews) for one reason:
To show you the look of these jeans before I tell you the price. These jeans aren’t the most flashy, definitely aren’t flamboyant, but they offer a couple of great traits: heel and back pocket tacking (the little whisker-like marks at the bottom of the jeans), baked creases at the hips, soft denim and a wider waistband (once again, a great bonus for those of us who tend to get a little bit of a muffin top with our snug denim.
And they’re…. $97.00. 
Here’s the bio:
The latest brainchild from Albert Dahan, Marlow combines vintageItalian with a Japanese twist. Using expensive fabrications and uniquewashes to produce a finish quite distinctive, Albert has again,delivered an exceptional product aimed at a contemporary fashionconscious consumer. He continues to design with an attitude thatdelivers new meaning to lifestyle brands. Look for this brand to expandand explode!

Stemming from worldly known brandsDa-Nang and Stitch’s Denim, Marlow is the new contemporary brand thatis available to all shoppers. Each pair of Marlow Jeans are made withquality and washed at least 4 times in order to get their amazing softtouch! 

We’ve talked about Stitch’s here before, but never Marlow denim… and I’m so excited to share this brand with you! Apparel Addiction sent me the pair you see above (they’re a size 25 and no, I’m not keeping them. I decided on the Chip & Pepper jeans… it was a very, VERY challenging decision.) and I just can’t believe how wonderful they are, particularly for the price point.
Those of you who are Stitch’s fans can see the similarities (most distinctly, the tacking on the back pockets), but there are obviously some differences, as there would be with a $150 price drop (they’re not as detailed, don’t offer as many “extras” as Stitch’s).
So… what do you think about this brand? Love it, hate it… wish you knew more about it? Let me know, and make sure to check out the Marlow denim on Apparel Addiction (they have two pairs, and the skinny is all of $87!). Let me know if you snag something!


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