Denim Brand Review: Hudson Jeans

You’ve seen a lot about Hudson Jeans on this blog, and there’s a reason for that… mostly, because they’re a great brand with a fabulous product. But I’ve never written an overarching brand review until now. This is one of the brands where I really felt like I needed more experience (and more time) testing them out than most – and that is both good and bad.

Even with all the time I’ve spent in Hudson Jeans, they’re the only brand I can’t properly gauge sizing on. It’s been a frustrating time trying, though. To give you sizing perspective, some of their jeans (namely, their basic flares, jeggings and bootcut) fit me perfectly in a 25. Some, like these skinny jeans from Apparel Addiction that you’ll see below, are a 26. And snug.

To see more Hudson Jeans options from Apparel Addiction, click here.
But no matter what they make, they do it well. There’s a lot of art that goes into the brand and its clean lines, great fits and superior fabrics. Sure, that reflects in the price (and this is the one brand I see the least on Sample Sale sites. In fact, I’m not sure I ever have seen them on one. Let me know if you have and I’m just forgetting…), but Hudson jeans are a brand that seems to have done everything right.
The pair you see above, the Hudson Alex Five Pocket Skinny, is a true stunner. And while the sizing issues are a pain in the ass, I’d recommend heading to a denim boutique near you to find out how the brand fits. You might just fall in love.


Do you own any Hudson Jeans? How do you feel they fit you? If you’d like to share pictures with other readers, or want to give your take on the line, leave a comment or email me at!


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