Denim Brand Review: Genetic Denim

by Jaime on February 27, 2010

Fun, interactive brands are ones that tend to get a lot of deserved attention in the world of denim, and I’d certainly have Genetic Denim on that list. But what makes the brand stand apart? So many different things.

Here’s a little brand background from the Genetic Denim website:

Every individual holds a specific Genetic Code, body types differas do fashion influences. Genetic Denim seeks to present each personwith the best possible fit for their body type, accentuating assetsrather than forcing everyone into the same mold. It combines globalfashion trends with individuality of fit, fabric and wash to tailordenim to your body.

Withnostalgia for the bohemian yet basic denim styles from the 1970′s,Genetic Denim has created a line with life and timeless appeal. GeneticDenim pays homage to the centuries past while remaining modern with itsedgy, yet sophisticated and confident, but still carefree silhouettes.’The core lineup includes The Shane, a cigarette cut, The Riley, aclassic boot-cut, The James, a cigarette cut with zippers, and a newstyle called The Davis, a slouchy cigarette style that is a sexy updateof the classic boyfriend silhouette. All are produced in a variety ofwashes, including the softest fabric in the denim market. An earlyinnovator of the ‘denim legging’ trend, Genetic created a lightweightstyle with a special sewn pocket detail, meant to appear as a regularjean but without the bulkiness of the actual pocket inside. 

I should’ve written this review a while ago when I first purchased my Kyle Zipper Cropped in Silver back in October, but somehow overlooked it (don’t ask me how… actually, you can, because I have a review backlog that’s a mile long!) for the past four months. These are their aforementioned ‘denim legging’ style, with faux front pockets.

There are a couple things to take into account right away when it comes to these jeans… they stretch a LOT. I’m wearing a 26 above, and they definitely lost a bit of definition as the day went on. Knowing now what I know then, I would’ve sized down. This could just be for the Kyle, or just the Silver wash (which, thankfully, isn’t actually silver but a gray. A girl only really needs one pair of silvery jeans, if that.), but the thin weight of the denim just didn’t stay snug on me.

Would I recommend the brand? Yeah… the quality is great, they’ve done some awesome charitable work and the styles and options are exceptional. I’d just recommend, from my experience, going down a size. The weight of the brand tends to run from 7.5 oz. to 11 oz (with 9 oz. being their most used weight) and inseams vary by cut from 30.5″ inseam (James Zipper Cigarette) to 35″ (Kelly Bootcut) and multiple inseams in between. While there are different inseams, each specific style has only one inseam.

Have you worn/do you wear Genetic Denim jeans and your experience differs from mine? I’ve spoken with a couple of people who encountered the same stretch issue, but I know that every pair isn’t the same. I’ve been wanting to try a pair of the Shane Cigarette Skinny (one of my good girlfriends has a pair and loves them), but haven’t gotten my hands on them yet.


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