Guest Blog: Yoyo’s AG Jeans Denim Brand Review

by Jaime on January 12, 2010

A huge thanks to Yoyo for writing yet another fabulous guest post. If you are interested in writing for our denim blog, email JP at [email protected].

Jeans are my favorite clothing items in my closet for various reasons, one of the top being how super comfortable they are coupled with the fact that they can be dressed up or down and are now acceptable for most social settings. So out of my plethora of jeans which brand is arguably the softest ever?

Without a doubt I would have to say that my AG kiss jeans are the softest jeans I currently own. I’m not sure how they make them so very darn soft but perhaps it has to do with the amazing quality of the supima cotton they use. When I wear my AG jeans, I get the level of comfort I get from wearing sweatpants while looking infinitely better.

Besides being the softest things ever, I honestly really like how AG jeans look. Sure you get unbeatable comfort but you also get beautiful washes and flattering cuts that lift your bum and slim down your legs. I’m normally not a bootcut or flare type of girl because I feel like they aren’t flattering on me. You see, I typically wear converse low-top shoes and I really dislike how bootcut and flare jeans drag on the ground with flat shoes like converse. With skinny jeans, I’m normally able to scrunch up my jeans or cuff them but with bootcut and flare jeans it’s not really a viable option and most bootcut/flare jeans hem funny for me because of the wash details.

BUT my AG Angel bootcut jeans totally fixed these problems. The wash is beautiful and the fading still looks fine after I chopped off about four inches and now I have a cute pair of bootcut jeans to wear with flats, converse shoes and vans as well.

I must say, though, that despite how much I love my AG Angel jeans, sizing is really weird! Most people tell me that AG jeans are tts but that hasn’t been true for me so far. [ed. note: In my experience, the Stilt does run about a half size small as well, but the Legend is around a half size large. Food for thought.] I got my AG Angel jeans in a size 32 because they were on super sale and I really wanted to try them. It was a good thing I sized up in that pair because even in a size 32 I had to wear them about the house for a while before the waist loosened up enough for me to breathe.

My second pair of AG jeans was the Kiss straight-leg style and I had gotten them in my tts 31. Although I can button and zip the jeans I can’t breathe at all and it gives me a horrible muffin top. It’s a tragedy because they are just so very cute.

So how would I sum up AG jeans? They are terribly soft, beautiful and flattering. I do believe, however, that one should try them on in the store first before buying online. That’s a lesson I will keep in mind the next time I am tempted by a pair of beautiful AG jeans online.

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