Guest Blog: William Rast’s Vanity Sizing

by Jaime on January 15, 2010

I want you all to give a warm welcome to Tashina! Tash is a fabulous blogger who writes PoshBlog over at I’d highly recommend you go check the site out (and if you need some incentive, head over to this post for a PoshStyle Coupon Code) and read some of her work… after you read her amazing article about William Rast’s strange sizing.

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When it comes to denim, William Rast has quickly made a name for itself as a celebrity and customer favorite. The jeans combine classic fits and cuts with updated details that keep people coming back for more. One thing that you might not know about William Rast denim is that they are guilty of vanity sizing. Most high end denim brands run fairly true to size, but with William Rast you will need to size down by one to two sizes to get a well fitting pair.
There are a variety of reasons that a company would participate in vanity sizing. Many believe that it helps create customer loyalty. This idea is that by helping shoppers feel better about themselves because they are a small size in the specific brand, they will continue to purchase that brand. While it sometimes alienates the smaller sized shoppers from the brand, it also opens the brand up to larger sizes that might not be able to wear other high end denim lines.
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William Rast offers their denim in sizes 23 through 32. While a size 23 isn’t featured on the official William Rast size chart (pictured above) is it actually below the typical size 00, which is usually a size 24. While a size 23 seems an odd size to offer on a regular basis, this is where the vanity sizing at William Rast comes into play. Their size 23 jeans are the equivalent of a size 25, or size 0, in most brands.
This just goes to show that, especially when it comes to denim, it’s important to always try before you buy. Or, at the very least, check out the online return policy for possible easy exchanges. It’s important to educate yourself on the sizing of a brand before purchasing their denim. Is William Rast the only high end denim label to take part in vanity sizing? No. While vanity sizing is usually expected in lower end lines and uncommon in higher end labels, it’s not unheard of.
We all love the feeling of having a smaller than usual size fit perfectly, but we also all hate the feeling of making trip after trip to the fitting room because nothing seems to fit correctly. In the long run, it’s unknown of vanity sizing is beneficial to the companies who use it. While they may gain some customers, they are also losing some. The only real complaint that anyone has is that it would be nice if the official size chart reflected the actual sizes labeled on each pair of jeans.
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