Guest Blog: Kirsten’s Degaine Denim Brand Review

by Jaime on January 25, 2010

I want you guys to give a big, warm welcome to Kirsten,’s newest guest blogger! She has a great introduction on her own, so I won’t take up too much of your time. Enjoy her fabulous review of Degaine jeans (ones you’ve seen here on the site) and be sure to leave some love in the comments! – JP

Hey fellow denim debutantes, my name is Kirsten, I am 29 years old andlive in the lovely San Francisco Bay Area in the sunshine state ofCalifornia.  Although, I must admit thatafter a full week of five crazy storms, I am beginning to wonder where ourbeautiful sunshine went!  But, Idigress.  I found JP a couple months backwhile searching for my perfect size in a lovely pair of Earnest Sewn’s on sale viaRue La La.  I must admit, JP is a womanafter my own heart, so I can’t help but love her and Denim Debutante.  So, let me start off by saying I am veryexcited to offer my opinions and express my love of denim and follow in both JP’s and the lovelyYoyo’s wake.

A little about myself… I am 5’7” edging on 5’8” and tend tohover around a size 27.  Some jeans I dosize up in, and I will be honest in the fact I have never seen a size 26.  Jeans are my favorite item of clothinghands-down.  I get giddy whenever I buy myselfa new pair, and if it happens to be a new brand, it’s just that muchbetter.  I often find myself in my closetgazing up at these lovely pieces of art and ponder just how much money I havespent over the years.  Ouch!  But the funny part is that I feel more proudthan embarrassed.  I guess this is how you knowyou are truly in love with denim, either that or you’re in denial.  Nah, it’s love.

In addition to my height, I am definitely more thick aroundthe hips and butt rather than my waist. This can be problematic.  Not onlydoes this cause that lovely crack shot now and then, but it also means thatthere are some jeans that are just not for me. Another annoyance is the fact that many jeans I buy can only be wornwith flats due to my height (and I rarely wear flats). Grrrrr!  Why can’t all jeans offerdifferent inseams?  I loathe the look ofthe bootcut that happens to be a little too short.  You cannot walk out of the house looking likethat! Please don’t do that. Ever.

With all that being said, let’s get to the good stuff.  The other day my favorite thing happened. Anew beautiful box arrived to my home. What was inside you ask?  A newbeautiful pair of jeans.  These jeanshappen to be Degaine.  *Sigh*

 It’s hard to find much information about Degainedenim out there. I like the Degaine website, the simplistic minimalistapproach they use works well with denim, as I believe it trulyhighlights the facets of  the jeans that make each pair so fabulous andit’s own individual piece of artistic beauty.  I enjoyed browsing their linesheets as it gives you good photos andinformation, but you may be looking for more details than they provide. So in turn you rely on the stores that sell them for more info, whichare not many.  I had been searching for apair of slim bootcuts for a while, and the price tag of those I found was about $195 plus tax/shipping, and oftenmy size was unavailable.  Ifinally found a deal Icouldn’t refuse and my sought after pair of Degaine’s were on theirway. (I happen to favor a slim bootcut in mostjeans as I think it’s flattering for my figure, although recentlyskinny jeans have become something I now Iove as well. More on thatdiscovery at a later time!).

Anyways, I picked up these babies in a size27 classic wash and they definitely fit true to size (with a little room to wiggle and not feel like a sausage). I only tend to like jeans with a bit of stretch (again for that booty)and these fit the bill like a dream. They come with 98% cotton and 2% Elasthane  (um, does anyoneknow what the difference is between Elastane and Elasthane?, justwondering?!?).  The inseam runs about 33” and the rise about 7.5”.
The pockets sit a bit higher, which I like, as they give yourbackside a little lift and a nice roundness. The weight of the denim is more light/medium, not too thick and not toothin. Thesejeans have a good amount of forgiveness to them and I see working witha variety of body styles. They definitely feel like they will last along time.  Many will have to get them a bit hemmed, I personally am most likely leaving them as is (yay!). The stretch forms toyour body perfectly and the tan leather strip on the back pocket is way cute.  I would highly recommend this brand toanyone and can tell you that they are now one of my top favorite pairs of jeans.  Thats a big deal!
The hard part about Degaine’s is the pursuit of findingthem.  Yes, that can be part of theadventure, but if you are a girl that likes to try everything on first, goodluck!  I’d be happy to offer any sortadvice or answer any questions about them, so feel free to let me know!  I now know that any time I can add a pair of Degaine’s to my closet, I will be eager to do so!  Happy hunting!  Love, K.
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Amy January 3, 2011 at 2:39 am

Hi Kirsten! Thank you for the wonderful review. And you look FAB in your Degaine’s!! I’m about to order a pair, but can’t decide between size 28 or 27! And I’m hoping you could possibly help me out. For example, I have the COH Ava in 27 – fit wonderfully. But, the R&S wedge bootcut I went with 28 since I felt they were a little too tight around waist and was afraid they wouldn’t stretch out enough. My older TR’s are 27. So I hover between 27′s and 28′s.
Then, the website I was looking at said they felt that the lighter washed in Degaine ran a little larger than the darker washes. I’m so confused! I def want the slim bootcut – prob in the dark blue wash…. But I did find them in white beat up that I’m considering as well. But I hate tight white jeans (even tho they said the white ones were roomy on their skinny model. HA)
Thanks so much! And Happy New Year!


miller August 22, 2012 at 12:03 pm

Where did you order Degaine jeans? I cannot find any place that sells them. Thanks!


Robin Nelson November 13, 2012 at 1:34 pm

I just bought a pair of Degaine Jeans on Ebay. NWT for $45.00 What a steal!! I love them. They run true to size. I am waiting on a pair of Hudson Jeans also. I have never owned a pair of Husdon so I hope I will love them as much as the Degaine’s. I got the Hudson Jeans NWT on ebay for $90.00 that was a great deal. I priced them online and they were over $150.00. Keep me posted of another brand I need to look for. Thanks!


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