Emily from Pretty & Poor: Juicy Gossip on Juicy Couture Denim

by Jaime on January 18, 2010

Huge thanks to Emily of Pretty & Poor for writing about her favorite brand of denim: Juicy Couture! I own a pair (I bought them as a present to myself for my 19th birthday) and love them quite a bit, too!

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There once was a girl who, during her junior year of college, bought a new pair of jeans. These jeans fit like a dream—they stretched in all the right places, contoured to all the right curves and looked great with just about anything. It is estimated that during that year (and the next), whenever that girl wore those jeans, she turned more heads than at any other time period in her life. That girl was me. And those jeans were Juicy Couture.

When I first discovered Juicy Couture’s jeans during college, I was excited to discover such a fun, youthful brand making denim that I actually liked. Juicy was all the rave when it came to sweat suits and sassy tees. But I was thrilled to find that their denim made my backside look positively bootylicious. It was a match made in heaven. And my options were endless: several styles in a number of washes.

But today, the honeymoon is over. I have one wearable pair of these darling jeans left (the rest succumbed to the normal wear and tear of being your favorite jeans). Since then, Juicy Couture has cut back their denim selection to focus on other things (let’s be honest, it’s gotta’ be hard to compete with some of the mega denim brands of today). Today they focus only on catering to current denim cuts.

But when you find a pair of Juicy Couture denim, you must pounce! Although they make a limited amount of styles today, the ones they do make can be money. And as for fit, Juicy Couture denim can run large—you may find that you need to move down a size. And the pocket detailing (the cursive “J”) is adorable…let’s be honest.

Even though Juicy’s denim is few and far between, you can view some Juicy denim options on the web here. And remember, you don’t have to have a pair of Juicy Couture jeans to turn heads (they just so happened to work really well for me). Rock what you’ve got in whatever pair of denim does your backside good!

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