Denim Boutique Review: Jean Therapy

by Jaime on January 15, 2010

I will start off my review with this: I have NOT been to Jean Therapy. I don’t live in Boston (though I miss it dreadfully). And I don’t have a vested interest in whether or not Jean Therapy succeeds (except for the fact that I believe strongly in spending money at independently owned, and specifically woman-owned, boutiques).

So, phew! With that over with, I just want to say this: there’s pretty much one main reason why I’m writing this post, and it’s because I love Leah. She’s a hardcore denim fanatic (which should be a requirement for people who own a denim shop, but seems to be a rare find these days) and is ridiculously hilarious on Twitter. She’s fun and passionate… and that really comes out within Jean Therapy.

Here’s a little background on the store:

Jean Therapy provides Boston with a customerservice oriented one-stop shop for purchasing premium quality men’s andwomen’s jeans from companies that we love and believe in, some of whichcan’t be found anywhere else in Boston. Don’t believe us? Check it outfor yourself. Go ahead, we’ll wait… Oh, you’re back? Nice to have youhere. So, where were we? Right…

Jean Therapy offers its customer an edited collection of the verybest that jean fashion has to offer all under one roof. We’re prettyselective regarding the brands we choose to carry, but you can restassured that we only carry the best. Along with jeans, we also carry asic selection of unique accessories!

Jean Therapy’s mission is to be an enjoyable, therapeutic, fun andfulfilling shopping experience. We offer alteration services (mainlyb/c premium denim comes in a single length) where the original hem isreattached to the jean, making them all yours. Just 21 clams and a weekturn around if you buy the jeans with us (and why would you buy fromanyone else but us?)

We also offer private shopping by appointment after store hours.Because, we know that shopping for the perfect pair of jeans can betraumatic and frustrating, customers can call and schedule a time tocome and visit the store and try on a pair of jeans in completeprivacy. Or, bring a group of friends and make it a party!

They carry the big brands (7 For All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, Joe’s Jeans, etc), but they have a really decent selection of brands you probably haven’t even heard of and that, to me, is a huge bonus. For many of us, the big brands just don’t fit the way one would hope… so there are literally hundreds of options (no, not hundreds of brands, kids!) available for women AND men.

So, for those of you looking for a new pair of jeans, I’d recommend checking out Jean Therapy if you’re in Boston (or for the rest of us in the world)… and to convince you to try it out, the fabulous Leah is offering a coupon code for 20% off any purchase! Use code “denimdebutanterocks” (I didn’t pick the code!) when your shopping at the site OR in store!

The code will last in the store till January 22th and online till January 29th, so head over now, check it out and let me know what you think (and what you bought!)


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