Twitter Note: Get DL1961 to 500 Followers!

by Jaime on December 3, 2009

If you don’t use twitter (though you really should, whether you follow me or not!), then this probably won’t pertain to you.

If you DO use twitter, I have a mission for you to accept.

1. Follow me on Twitter.
2. Follow DL1961 (@DL1961jeans)
3. Tweet this message: “@DL1961jeans I was sent by @DenimDebutante”

I’m currently in the lead by a good amount, but the contest ends Friday. If I win, I’ll giveaway a pair of DL1961s on my blog. Each person who tweets gets 25 entries. Considering that on day two of the Marc Allison giveaway, we were already pushing 150, this could almost turn into a landslide win for some of you!

So, hop on over to twitter and get moving!


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