Rodarte for Target Brings Out the Denim!

by Jaime on December 7, 2009

I’m not going to say I cried over this, but I am super excited and you can bet that I’ll be snagging a jacket of my own!

A couple of images (note: NOT the entire lookbook… there’s still more!) have been released across the internet. The one that I care about most?

What you see is DENIM! Oh, the joy running through my veins! I want to wear this with the now-infamous rib cage sequin dress. Talk about a look!

Best part? The price tag. This baby will set you back $39.99… and no, I didn’t forget a zero! Talk about sheer frugal fabulousity!

There are a pair of matching denim shorts (The lucky ones caught a glimpse of them when NY Mag’s The Cut posted a new not-so-legal images up on their page!) that haven’t been released officially yet. The limited edition collection will launch at Target stores nationwide and at December 20, 2009, and will be available through February 6, 2010… but don’t expect them to last that long!


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