HemmingMyWay Review & Giveaway

by Jaime on December 21, 2009

I tend to get offers to try some interesting products every now and then, but I have to turn a lot of them down because they don’t really fit the nature of Denim Debutante.

The folks at HemmingMyWay, however, knew exactly how to get me interested. Here’s a little bio of the product: 

All these years we have had to settle for ONE hemline. ONE that is either too short for heels, or too long for flats. But now, with HemmingMyWay, you can have TWO HEMS AT THE SAME TIME. This is not your mother’s hem tape…in fact, it’s NOT tape at all.

HemmingMyWay is the FIRST of it’s kind: an adhesive SNAP HEM allowing you to simply SNAP under your long hem for flats (and here’s the kicker) UNSNAP to slip back into heels. SNAP-UNSNAP-SNAP-UNSNAP…TWO HEMS AT THE SAME TIME…let’s see your (old) hem tape do that!HemmingMyWay is the only product that truly “hempowers” you to finally say:

NO to expensive habits of buying TWO pairs of jeans with different hem lengths

NO to pricey trips to the tailor,

NO to long hems dragging on the ground, and

YES to running around town in stylish flats, before slipping back into stilettos for dinner

Change your shoes….NOT your pants.

HemmingMyWay takes you from heels to flats seamlessly, with it’s discreet design and simple directions that answer all your hemergencies. Fabric friendly and a cinch to apply. Hemming My Way is equal opportunity and doesn’t discriminate between cotton, wool or denim. Just like us, it loves them all. Removable and reusable for at least 8 washes, giving you months of wear (especially for those who don’t wash their denim after every wear).

HemmingMyWay can be used on any style of jean or trouser (yes, skinny, straight, boot cut or flare). Perfect for men’s apparel, as well as children still growing into their clothes.The good news doesn’t stop there, as this product does not “hempty” your wallet either! HemmingMyWay is being sold exclusively on-line at www.HemmingMyWay.com for only $20.00.

As someone who has tried Hem Tape (I really liked what Bristols 6 had to offer), this was intriguing. A hem tape that isn’t really tape? Hmmm.So, I grabbed a pair of my Kasils (jeans that currently only work with the highest of heels) and decided to test them out!

(the box comes with a little ruler on the side. So clever!)

My final verdict: HemmingMyWay extremely easy to use and effective… plus, when you put the jeans on, the snaps didn’t just come off (something that happens perpetually with cuffed jeans!). I was also excited that after moving them, there were no marks left on the jeans, which was really important in my opinion. We’ll see about the lasting period after a couple of wears!


I was sent an extra box of HemmingMyWay, so one of you can try it out!

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