Guest Blog: Yoyo's Current/Elliott Denim Review

by Jaime on December 29, 2009

Continuing on my drool-fest of Current/Elliott denim, here’s the amazingly wonderful Yoyo with her take on the brand. Want to read my review? Click here. Thanks again, Yoyo… you’re the best! – JP

One of the things I like best about designer denim aside from the fantastic cuts and washes is how incredibly soft they are. And the ultimate soft denim brand? My vote definitely goes to Current/Elliott for that award. And being soft isn’t the only awesome thing about this brand of jeans.

Current/Elliott has fantastic cuts. I personally really like the skinny jeans (which are true skinnies even in size 31, hoorah!) but all of their cuts look fabulous and comfortable. The vintage denim lends the jeans a cool vibe and feel that I am really liking right now. It’s just a wonderful feeling to slip on a pair of jeans that are so soft and comfortable that it feels like you have owned them for years. Current/Elliott jeans seem to have pretty long inseams but at least with the skinny jeans that I own, the bottom of the jeans are skinny enough so that I can scrunch them up to play up the slouchy “I’ve owned these forever”aura these jeans radiate.

I do need to mention briefly, though, that I have a little hitch with sizing on these jeans. Most people had suggested to go one size down in Current/Elliott but I wasn’t sure since sometimes with larger sizes, the bum and hips forces the jeans to be more tts. The first pair I own were a bit tight at first but mostly were fine in my tts (btw, this pair is my first ever light pair of skinny jeans and the wash is pretty enough that I actually don’t feel self-conscious in them like I normally would).

The second pair, however, is definitely a bit too large in the waist for me and I should have sized down to a 30. I think the sizing issues might in part have to do with the rise on the jeans. The first pair is much lower than the second pair and this might have contributed to how they felt uber tight and made me feel self-conscious. I think with a belt the second pair will be perfectly fine, it would add more to the slouchy look that is popular now. In the future, though, I will definitely want to go down a size.

A final thought about these jeans is that they are quite spendy. I have yet to see a pair retail for less than $200. With that said, however, I think they are well worth that price because honestly I have never had such soft jeans that make me feel like I look good while being comfortable. Basically all I do when I wear them is pet my thigh. Creepy? Why yes but I still do it without realizing it. Plus, you can find Current/Elliott on sale online for 50% off or so (both of mine were 50% or more off).

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