Dressing for the Occasion

by Jaime on December 18, 2009

I think I’m the only person in the world to do this, but here we go:

My work has very graciously set up a holiday party for us. But, because it’s during the day, nobody I work with feels that it’s necessary to dress up.

So, in an attempt to protest, I’m wearing a dress and heels. I painted my nails in a festive, silver-y color (it’s kind of champagne colored, the more I look at it, even though I initially saw it as an antiqued silver. Whatever). I’m wearing jewelry (this, my friends, is a HUGE rarity… but this cute Emily Elizabeth necklace was a must-wear. Big thanks to Daniella at DressDesignDecor for hosting the giveaway!)

And the dress? Oh, the dress. It’s probably my favorite (and one you saw me in on Dream Sequins!), and special for one specific, sort of unimportant reason: I paid full price for it.

I’m not kidding. You guys know I don’t pay full price for ANYTHING, but I had to have it… only one left in a little boutique in Saugatuck, MI, and it was in my size. Talk about kismet. So, for this gorgeous Betsey Johnson dress, I hesitantly dropped $415.

I think it looks good, don’t you?

So, I’ll be off soiree-ing it up for most of the evening… though I wouldn’t mind coming home to some lovely comments!


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