Denim Done Wrong: Denim… Thigh Highs?!?!

by Jaime on December 4, 2009

Sometimes in my denim journey, I come across a very special pair of jeans. A pair that makes my heart sing with joy and my butt look all kinds of amazing.
These are not those jeans.

Listen, I like most of what Goldsign denim does. I don’t own any pairs, but they do some cool things and they’re obviously quite innnovative.

But what the hell is this?!? Am I the only person in the world who thinks these are wrong and ridiculous and so ugly they may make me cry? I think the boots stretched themselves out at the opening just so they could get further away from these.

And, as an added bonus…


What do you even wear them with, anyways (don’t say a tunic; I get the baser theme here, I just wish I didn’t)?

Just wow. Quit breakin’ my heart, Goldsign.

If for some reason (unbeknownst to me or any sane person in the galaxy) you’d like to buy a pair of these, head over to Shopbop and snatch them up… just don’t wear them in my presence.


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